Friday, March 22, 2013

The Week Before Spring Break

            “You never told us we had to have this done today.”
            “Yes I did Landon.  And it’s right there on the Homework Board too.”  I swept my hand towards the whiteboard.   It was empty.  “Well, the janitor must have erased it when he cleaned last night.”

            Across the room Caitlyn argued with Mrs. Alvarez.

            “I’m going to finish this at home.  I want to clean out my binder right now.”

            Mrs. Alvarez spoke slow and low.  “Caitlyn, this review sheet is due tomorrow.  I noticed in math you didn’t get any of it done.  Now do you remember how to calculate percents?”

            “I can do these.  I don’t need any help.  And I don’t want you talking to me in math class.  It’s embarrassing.”

            Mrs. Alvarez sucked in a shaky breath.  Her voice was pinched.  “Caitlyn, I’m helping everyone in that class.  But when I walk by your desk and you haven’t even started working and everyone else is almost done, it’s hard not to say something.”

            “It’s embarrassing,” Caitlyn shouted.  “You’re embarrassing me.  I’m telling my mom.  She’ll get me out of here!”

            Mrs. Alvarez looked at me pleadingly.  I started walking towards Caitlyn, but stopped.  Landon was panting hard and making a low growling sound.  He tore the sheet of paper he had been writing on out of his spiral and crumpled it into a ball.

            “I hate this.  This is so stupid.  Why do I have to do this?  I hate school!”

            I turned back to Landon, but before I got there, he grabbed his binder and threw it across the room.  As I watched it sail past me, papers flew from it and gently floated to the floor.  My room was raining old and incomplete assignments.

            The binder clattered to the floor at the feet of the school principal.  She was standing in the doorway writing on a clipboard, sadly shaking her head.

            Across the room Caitlyn screamed, “My mom will get you in trouble!”

            I gasped in a breath and opened my eyes.  The red numbers on the clock glowed 5:09.  It was just a school dream.  It wasn’t good. 

            School dreams before spring break are never good.

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