Thursday, March 7, 2013


            I felt them before I saw them.

            I sat at my desk putting grades into the computer.  When I lifted my head to look across the room, I saw Ramon staring at me.  It was his evil eye stare.  His head was tucked down as though he was looking at his paper, but his eyes were lifted, glaring at me.  When he caught my eye, he quickly turned his head and began studying the bare tree outside the classroom.

            Yeah right.  You’re looking at the tree.

            I lowered my head and continued to enter grades, but after a few minutes I felt evil eyes again.  Instead of lifting my head, I slid my own eyes up.

            Yup.  Evil-eye stare coming across the room.  Ignore him.

            I went back to my work, but I could feel the power of evil eyes reaching across the 20 feet that separated us.    

I kept my eyes on my computer but casually called out, “How’s your Science review coming, Ramon?”

            Angry people make you wait for answers, and Ramon made me wait a full 10 seconds before he slowly lifted his head.  Now his eyes were narrowed, but they had not lost their intensity.

            His voice was deep and slow.  “Fiiinuh.”

            “Good,” I said cheerfully.  “Let me know if you need any help.”

            It is exhausting work telepathing your anger across 20 feet, and evil eyes were growing tired now.  Finally I heard a sad, high pitched sixth grade whine.

            “Why do I have to do my Science worksheet over?   I told you I already did it.  It’s at hoooome.”

            I sighed, got up, and walked over to Ramon.

            “Ramon, you’ve been telling your science teacher for a week that you’ve done this assignment.  You’ve been telling me it’s done for the last three days.  Your mom says it’s not at home.  It’s already late, so she said you’re to complete it here before you go home.”

            “That’s not faaaaaiiiir!”

            You’re right.  It’s not fair.  I want to go hooooome too.

            Now I sighed.  “Ramon, just finish it.”

            I turned and walked back to my desk, but felt my neck prickling.  Evil eyes were back.

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