Monday, June 9, 2014

That's Not My Job

            What a lazy mower!

            The lawn was lush and dark green.  The edges were trimmed.  The sidewalk was blown clean.  But right in the middle of the lawn were 100 little bits of white paper.

            I walk through my neighborhood in the morning before it gets hot.  It’s a good time to check out how things are faring.  Hate to say it, but I’m getting more and more critical as I get grumpy and old.

            I know exactly what happened because I have done it many times.  You’re pushing the mower along and there’s a piece of paper in your path.  If you let go of the handle to stop and pick the paper up, the mower quits and you have to pull the rope to start it again. 

            “The mower will just mulch it up,” you rationalize. 

            So you plow over it and the piece of paper becomes 100 little pieces.  But they don’t blow away.  And it rains that night.  And your dumb decision is on display for your critical neighbor walking by the next morning.

            I can just hear whoever mowed.  “It wasn’t my job to pick the paper up.   It was my job to mow.”

            I got this picture many years ago, and it still makes me laugh.  

            I’m on summer break and have the wonderful luxury of complete control over most of my days.  What will I do today?  Whatever I want.

            But the little bits of paper on the lawn reminded me of a sermon I heard many years ago by Chuck Swindoll on the Good Samaritan.  In his conclusion Dr. Swindoll pointed out when we ask, “Who is my neighbor?” the answer is your neighbor is the person you see every day who has a need you are fully capable of meeting.

            So let’s twist that principal just a little and apply it to, “What is my job today?”  My job is anything I see in front of me that needs to be done that I’m fully capable of doing.

            Ecclesiastes 9:10 – Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.