Friday, January 4, 2013


            What am I going to write for my blog when I get home?  Nothing has happened this week.  Absolutely nothing.  Sure, I had to come back to work on Wednesday, but all the kids were just dragging this week.  Me included. 

            I shut the computer down and pulled my purse out of the desk drawer.

            “Hi Mrs. Jones.  Do you want to check my homework pack?” 

            Landon walked in the room, hefted his backpack on to the table, and pulled out a big binder.

            “I finished all my math in class today so I won’t have to do it at home this weekend”

            “Let me see it.”

            Landon flipped to the front of his binder and pulled the math worksheet out of the front pocket.

            “This looks good,” I said scanning it.  “What did you do in English this afternoon?  Weren’t you starting the new unit on folktales?”

            “Yeah.  I just have to read a story.”  Landon dove back in his backpack and pulled out his literature book.

            “What story do you have to read?”

            He flipped through the book to page 187 and pointed to the picture.  “Paul Bunyon.”

            “Oh that’s a fun story!  I’ll bet you already know about him.  Have you ever seen a cartoon or picture book on him?  Once when I was in Oregon, they had a big statue.  He's all over the place.”

            “I know about him,” Landon nodded his head enthusiastically.  “My mom had that kind of surgery last summer.”

            I stared blankly at Landon.    

            “Your mom had surgery?”

            “Yeah she had Paul Bunyon surgery on her foot,” Landon packed his binder and book back in his backpack.  He shrugged the pack on and walked towards the door.  “Have a good weekend Mrs. Jones.”

            “You too Landon.”  And thank you.


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