Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Quarter Mile From Home

I have a beautiful bike trail a quarter mile from my house.


When I first moved here, I missed the solitude of walking on country roads.

This trail not only has quiet solitude, it has shade.

And hills.

And bridges.

Every five minutes or so a bicyclist may pass you.  “Coming on the left.”  But you’re mostly by yourself.

There’s a beautiful park at the point where I turn around and head back home.

I only discovered this trail two months ago.  For almost seven years I’ve been a hamster walking on a track in a gym.

When your head is down because things have changed too fast, or you’ve lost something, or you’re just sad, you tend to miss some pretty beautiful things right in front of you (or a quarter mile away). 

Get your head up.  What are you missing?

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