Saturday, September 3, 2011


Naomi spends much of her day with a blank, detached look on her face.  It isn’t the typical “off in dreamland” look that students with ADD often have.  Naomi’s face looks totally blank, as though she is sleeping with her eyes open.

            I’ve had her work on the computer because, well, let’s face it, kids find computers more interesting than teachers these days.  I love using because it has several levels of money problems.  Short quizzes are arranged in levels of difficulty and use real pictures of coins to help students practice counting the money.  I sat close to Naomi as she worked to help her through problems she would get stuck on.

            During one of my explanations I noticed her lapse into her “blank-face” look.  “Naomi.”  No response.  (Louder)  “Naomi!  Are you paying attention? You look like you’re falling asleep.”

            She came out of her “blankness.”  “This is how I look when I don’t understand,” she said
            “I see you looking like that a lot,” I told her.

            “Yeah.  I know,” she replied.   

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